Charge as you work in office using Wireless Charging Mouse Pad!

Don’t miss the party after work because you don’t have enough battery on your phone. Charge your phone* all day in your office using Wireless Charging Mouse Pad for that post-work party!

Our Wireless Charging Mouse Pad is a perfect addition to the office desk. The mouse pad comes equipped with the latest wireless charging technology so you don’t have to deal with messy wires on your desk anymore. Custom design logo is also available for promotional gift. Ask us for special pricing for logos.

*requires phones with built-in wireless charging

Simply rest your phone to charge with Wireless Phone Charger!

Are you still trying to find your charging holes in the middle of the night to charge your phone? With our Wireless Charger, you won’t have to! Simply rest your phone on top of the charger and watch it charge!* Fast Charge Wireless Chargers also available!

Slim and slick designed charging pad lights up with LED when plugged in and charging. Charge any Qi-compatible devices simply by resting the phone on top of the charger. Package includes the Wireless Charging Pad and micro-USB charging cable.

*requires phones with built-in wireless charging

Charge while you drive with Wireless Charging Car Mount!

Wireless Charging Car Mount allows you to charge your phone while you drive! Optimized charging for all devices*, Wireless Charging Car Mount is perfect for on the go! With its perfect design, you’ll be able to use your device to its full functionality without anything bothering it, all while charging your phone!

Small, but powerful, our Wireless Charging Car Mount holds all phones with strong grip so you can keep your eye on the road while making sure you are fully charged, ready to take on the day!

*requires phones with built-in wireless charging

Take the party with you with Bluetooth Microphone!

Our Bluetooth Microphone is a fun way to bring the party wherever you are! Featuring a powerful internal speaker, built-in LED lights, and rechargeable battery to keep the party moving!

Also available, optional Disco Ball that attaches to the bottom of the microphone for extra lights! More lights, more fun!

No more tangled Earphones with Bluetooth Earphones!

Have you ever pulled your earphone out of your bag and had to untangle the entire earphone? Say no more! With our Bluetooth Earphones, you’ll never have to deal with tangled wires ever again!

Connect to any platform, iOS or Android, using Bluetooth on your device to pair. Use the Charging Case to charge the Earphones on-the-go, so you can enjoy more of your favorite songs to make your day even more perfect!


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